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Immune organoids expedite conjugate vaccine testing

Updated: Jun 2

Recent collaborative work by the DeLisa and Singh groups describes a new immune organic platform for rapid, high-throughput testing of glycoconjugate vaccine candidates

Ty Moeller of the DeLisa group together with Shiv Shaw of the Singh group (Georgia Tech) have joined forces to create a synthetic immune organoid system that can quickly predict how well conjugate vaccines will work and speed up the process of finding antigen-specific antibodies. By sidestepping animal immunization, this immune organoid-based approach enabled antibody discovery on a time scale that was significantly shorter than for conventional immunization-based workflows. The article, “Profiling Germinal Center-like B Cell Responses to Conjugate Vaccines Using Synthetic Immune Organoids,” was published in ACS Central Science.

To read the full story by Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, go here:

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