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Tina, Azmain and Connor join the group

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

DLRG welcomes three new engineering PhD students who will lead projects to design and engineer next-generation ubiquibodies as well as methods for their delivery

Tianzheng (Tina) Ye and Azmain Alamgir (pictured at left) recently joined the DeLisa group and will be working on projects related to the design and engineering of ubiquibodies as well as new methods for their delivery into cells. Azmain will be jointly advised by CBE Professor Chris Alabi. Both Tina and Azmain are Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students. Prior to coming to Cornell, Tina was an undergrad at UC-Berkeley and Azmain was an undergrad at Northwestern University.

Also joining the group is Connor Monticello (pictured at left), a first-year Biomedical Engineering PhD student. Connor will be working on the design and engineering of therapeutic ubiquibodies against important intracellular cancer targets. Prior to coming to Cornell, Connor was an undergrad at UC-Boulder where he earned his BS degree.

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