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Connor awarded Hartwell Biomedical Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

Updated: Jun 2

Connor selected as a 2024 Hartwell Biomedical Research Postdoctoral Fellow

Congratulations to Dr. Connor Donahue, a postdoctoral fellow in the DeLisa research group in CBE, who has been awarded a 2024 Hartwell Biomedical Research Postdoctoral Fellowship. The Hartwell Foundation provides funding for postdoctoral training in biomedical science at select, qualifying research institutions in the United States. The Fellowship supports individuals who have completed a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate, are still in the initial stages of research career development, and who exemplify the values of the Foundation, namely benefits to children in the United States. Connor’s Hartwell research focuses on the development of new machine learning-driven tools for editing the proteome. He will use these tools to functionally interrogate and structurally remodel the post-translational modifications, known as PTMs, on cellular proteins relevant to pediatric cancer. Way to go Connor!

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