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Darianna selected to the NIH Chemical-Biology Interface training program

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Darianna honored with selection to the Cornell Chemical-Biology Interface training program

Congratulations to Darianna who was selected to the Cornell Chemical-Biology Interface (CBI) training program! Darianna's thesis research is focused on developing novel protein degraders against difficult-to-drug cancer targets and characterizing the phenotypic effects associated with silencing such targets. Darianna becomes the sixth DLRG member to be honored with selection to this program, with Alyse Portnoff, Emily Cox, Alicia Aquino, Azmain Alamgir, and Erik Bidstrup previously selected to the CBI training program. The primary goal of this NIH-funded T32 Training Grant program program is to train graduate students with the core principles and techniques of chemistry so that they can address the most current and important problems in biology and medicine.  Trainees are expected to develop as researchers who in both academic and industrial settings can apply the tools of chemistry to surmount challenges in biological research and combat disease at the molecular level. 

To find out more, visit the CBI training program website:

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