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Asher named one of the 1000 inspiring Black Scientists in America

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Cell Mentor selects Asher to its list of 1000 inspiring Black Scientists in America

Dr. Asher Williams was selected by Cell Mentor as one of 1000 inspiring Black Scientists in America. Black culture is the archetype for innovation, distinction, creativity, intelligence, spirituality, and healing. Black culture is distinct, and it has a heavy influence on American and global cultures. Likewise, Black talent is both ubiquitous and abundant, but the excellence of Black people is often obscured. To remove the bleach from the history books, the Community of Scholars formed this list of inspiring Black scientists. The hope is to dismantle the myth that outstanding Black scientists make up a small percentage of the scientific community.

In addition to being named to Cell Mentor's list, Asher was awarded RPI’s Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship, named a Class of 2020 Changemaker, and was selected as an MIT Rising Star in Chemical Engineering. Asher will start as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Columbia University in summer 2023.

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