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Scientific Reports (in review)


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*Special issue on “Chemical Glycobiology”

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*Featured on supplementary cover

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*Featured in ACS Press Room "Testing vaccine candidates quickly with lab-grown mini-organs​"

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*Editor's Highlight - top 50 best papers in “Microbiology and infectious diseases”

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*Editors’ Highlight - top 50 best papers in “Biotechnology and methods”

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*Special issue in honor of Frances Arnold

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Michael L. Shuler Tribute

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*Featured in News and Views by Kalistyn Burley & Celia Goulding

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*Featured in Commentary by Dr. Eric Shusta


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*Featured in SciBX

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*Featured on the cover


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*Featured in Commentary by Dr. Danielle Tullman-Ercek

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*Featured on the cover

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*Featured in Commentary by Dr. Nicole LaRonde-LeBlanc and featured on the cover

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*Recommended article on Faculty Opinions

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*Featured on the cover

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*Featured in Commentary by Dr. Francois Baneyx

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*Featured in MicroCommentary by Dr. Tracy Raivio

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